imageBy way of introduction, I’m Greg Robillard, a senior engineer at Chirpify and after-hours comedy performer.

On my resume I’ve stated that I’ve been an open source programmer for over ten years. This is kind of a lie. Not a typical aspirational resume lie, like “I would like to learn open source programming,” or pretending that I went to Harvard Business School when I mean that I’ve driven past Harvard Business School (true story).

What I mean is that although I’ve been an avid consumer of Open Source Software, but never a contributor. This ends now.

Chirpify recently released Instagram commerce, so that our users can buy and sell on Instagram. The social network has a solid API, with implementations they support in Ruby and Python. Since they didn’t create one with PHP, I wrote a library, and Chirpify is now offering it under a BSD license, which you can see here.

There are other PHP Instagram libraries out there. I reviewed several of those libraries, and they all have their benefits, but for the most part are maintained by a sole contributor. Our repo is very simple, and specific to how we use PHP with CodeIgniter. The Chirpify Engineering team plans to maintain this code repo, and to keep it up to date with any changes Instagram makes. We’ve also tried to make notes of any practical implementation problems we’ve had in the codebase and readme files.

Happy New Year!