We’ve Acquired Measureful


Chirpify is a Marketing Conversion Platform that enables consumers to participate in any marketing (promotions, commerce, contests, giveaways, sampling) via any channel (tv, venue, social, digital, print) using any device. Our mission is to bring measurable ROI, native attribution and frictionless, channel agnostic, conversion to marketing and advertising. Today we’ve taken a big step forward towards that goal.

I’m excited to announce that we have acquired marketing data insight platform, Measureful!

Measureful automates marketing data analysis and insights, giving marketers the information they need to make better informed decisions. Their insights will extend our Marketing Conversion Platform so brands can leverage Chirpify campaign and native attribution data to further fuel conversion, optimize campaigns and retarget with intelligence.
I couldn’t be happier to bring on John, as VP of Product, and Mac and Dave as senior engineers. The talent they bring to the team can’t be overstated.
We’ll continue to support Measureful as a standalone application and Measureful’s technology has been integrated as Chirpify Analytics, and is available for brands, in The Chirpify Platform today.
Chirpify Analytics
We’ll be sharing a complete product overview in the coming days.
CEO & Founder