Many brands have a branded hashtag they try and own. They put this hashtag in their bio, their stories, tweets, website, and in their posts. They use the hashtag as a way to build community and aggregate content around their brand. But most of all, they do this to try and get consumers to post.

There’s just one thing: They ignore just about everyone who does 🤦

They do not reply, show recognition, thank, or reward their fans for participation and brand advocacy.

There are endless examples, but let’s dive in to just a few…

Shake Shack encourages fans to post #ShakeShack. Over the last week there have been thousands of posts that have gone completely ignored. Not a single response from the brand. No recognition, no reward, no engagement. Good: Your brand is popular enough for people to post your tag organically. Bad: You ignore 100% of these people.


Kidbox says “❤️ KIDBOX? Show us using #UnpackHappy!”, and thousands of people do! The only problem is, they’re ignoring just about all of them. What a huge missed opportunity to respond to each and every person that shows their love. Invite them into their community more deeply, and engage them at the exact second they’re showing their love.


Ruffwear is one of my favorite brands. They tell their community to post #MyDogIsMy and #Ruffwear. Need I say it? They ignore every single person posting those tags.

We’ve Got Solutions

Chirpify enables you to track hashtags (and other triggers), reply, and reward your community for their participation. The replies can be instant, or delayed. You can load in as many different variations as you’d like. You can reward people with points, discounts, behind the scenes content, or anything else you can think of. Or, you can simply respond to say thanks. Best of all, this can be done automatically and at scale.

Stop ignoring your customers or someday they may start ignoring your brand.

Contact us to start.