Why You Should Connect Social To Loyalty


Why should we connect social to loyalty?

It’s a valid question. Loyalty marketers question the validity of social as a business driver, and social marketers question why loyalty is still dressing like it’s 1999. They’re both right to be skeptical. But these questions, and deficiencies, are also the answers to why they’re perfect for each other.

Social ROI – Unfigureoutable

9.75 social marketers out of 10 can’t tell you what the ROI of their social media efforts is. I don’t need to validate this stat with a source, I’ve asked every single one of them. This lack of accountability is precisely the reason to attach social to a loyalty program. Loyalty marketers have had the ROI thing figured out for quite some time. They know the customer lifetime value of a loyalty member, and the business value of increased participation. By attaching social to loyalty you’re drawing a straight line to quantifiable value, and can effectively determine the ROI of your social media efforts.

Loyalty Staleness – White bread stale

The majority of loyalty programs are traditional email based programs that lack any modern engagement methods. This is the precise reason you should connect your loyalty program to social. Consumer demands have evolved, but your loyalty program and the ways you engage and reward them have not. Consumers are wise to your spend and get schemes, and they’re demanding change and ease of use – which leads us to the next reason to connect the two….

Social Utility – The mobile remote control

Modern consumers demand utility – a better experience. Your brand is being measured by just how much utility you provide. Every consumer who is on social media has a mobile remote control in their pocket that they can use to not only engage, but more importantly, transact with a brand by simply setting off mobile triggers…


This is an omni-channel remote control that can convert marketing instantly, without forms, redirects or other frictions. But most importantly, by connecting social to your loyalty program you’re giving a consumer an actual reason to engage with your brand on social – to earn rewards.

Loyalty Data – KYC ABC BBD

There’s one missing ingredient in most all CRM databases – social media identity and data tied to marketing conversions. When you connect social to your loyalty program you add valuable ‘know your customer’ data across touch points. It’s essential that you start to acquire this data now to improve your marketing, targeting, and effectiveness for the future.

Once you see that social and loyalty have something wonderful to offer each other, and are more powerful combined than separate, there’s just the matter of connecting the two so that consumers can respond to any call to action with their social remote control to convert marketing instantly, earn rewards, and become more loyal to your brand.

Time to give social a purpose, and loyalty a new outfit.